Fold Out Squid Game Poster

Case Study

3 months ago
Assignment Typography Print DESN2011 Kinetic Type
Designer & Interviewee

Genevieve Dawson

Author & Interviewer

Izzy Crerar

Fold Out Squid Game Poster

The Netflix series Squid Game, is a South Korean survival drama that took the world by storm with over 1.65 billion hours of viewing within the first 28 days of its premiere. Fans of Squid Game can now immortalize and showcase their enthusiasm for the show with a fold out poster. Genevieve Dawson has created an interactive and engaging poster allowing for a memorable and unique experience.

The concept behind the fold out poster was to incorporate the ‘reveal’ treatment. It perfectly merges and transforms the show's iconic “business card” into an illustrative design poster with bold graphic type and spotlights the “guard character”.

Dawson considered it a challenge by creating a poster for the audience to participate in the show in a unique manner.

“I was inspired by the challenge of creating a poster that engaged the audience in a different way."

Typographic Treatment

The fonts used within the design are Galvji (bold) for the title and Avenir (black) for sub text. Various typographic treatments have been applied to elevate this type, these treatments include “reveal” and “fragmentation”.

Fragmentation has been implemented by the breaking up of individual letters using line and colour. This technique benefits the chaotic bright design that aligns with the Squid Game branding. Furthermore, using contrasting colours helps the titles standout in a very busy design and composition.

Fragmentation was used to represent tension between ideas and imply that a message has multiple meanings. In relation to the show it represents the notion of nostalgia, that of innocent childhood games and the deadly consequences that follow.

Reveal has been applied through the fold out function of the poster, slowly revealing the design, messages and references to the show. Slowly revealing little messages as the poster is unfolded encourages the audience to pay closer attention to what's being presented to them. As aforementioned this treatment is utilized as the interactive element of this design.

“I wanted a greater level of engagement than what normal poster design would give”

Marketing and Merchandising

The design is intended as a marketing and merchandising tool. It is eye-catching and encourages the audience to view the Squid Game series along with the poster. The QR code with links to the trailer further draws in an audience and spreads interest. The illustrative design is a quality piece of merchandising that would sell widely and be considered a worthy keepsake. Overall the poster provides an interactive element through the unfolding revealing process providing the audience with both a memorable experience and merchandise.


This design targets the Squid Game fanbase as it is specifically designed for those people who engage with the show. Dawson has further encouraged this target group to buy the poster as the design is similar to the official branding and identity of the show, incorporating the bright colour scheme, geometric and shape heavy design and iconic references, imagery and characters. The business card shape mimics the invitation to ‘play the game’ like in the series, with text on the poster asking “would you play?”. Another way that this poster targets a Squid Game enthusiast is through the use of QR code, when scanned it will direct the viewer to the series trailer.

Overall Execution

Dawson has been extremely successful in creating a marketing and merchandising poster for Squid Game. She has captured all the iconic elements and references that are identifiably within the Squid Game branding and identity. Not only does this design promote the show but creates a unique experience for the audience, the use of reveal and fragmentation throughout the design.