Case Study

3 months ago
Assignment Typography DESN2011 Kinetic Type

Casey Burton


Lucy Butler


Stirology is a sophisticated cocktail guide that delivers customers pre-made cocktail mixes in the luxury of their homes.

"This guide and premix promotes an at-home experience instead of feeling like it is only accessible to bars and pubs" - Lucy Butler

The Brand

Experiencing lockdown, Lucy Butler wanted to create a unique experience people could find in the comfort of their homes while still enjoying a social activity. This also allows introverted people to create fabulous drinks without dealing with the crowds that come with going to a bar or pub. Cocktails have never been so easy, classy and affordable with Stirology.

"Stirology also offers a more affordable experience for people who find they are missing out on the social scene due to financial worries. This design, therefore, offers an alternative which could be appealing to this target audience" - Lucy Butler


Stirology is targeted towards an adult demographic; the black packaging creates a sleek, elegant appearance paired with the minimalism of the illustration. White, wavy lines contrast against the black background as the composition of the packaging utilises vectors leading viewers from the title towards the swirling lines before the final element, the cocktail glass. The cocktail glass uses thin, straight lines deviating from the swirling, wavy nature of the rest of the packaging. Red and green are applied to the illustration, adding a pop of colour and separating the image from the rest of the design. This illustration is further used on the inside of the packaging. The bottle's label continues with the minimalist design, displaying only the wavy font in white and the name of the cocktail mix in red.

"This inspiration then informed the way I used kinetic typography to mimic the movements as you can see on the title page." - Lucy Butler


Stirology was developed by the movements of mixing, stirring and swirling used to create cocktails; the action of stirring a cocktail is what furthermore inspired the name of the brand. Distortion, the technique of twisting and turning type, is the kinetic type method used to create the font for Stirology. Applying distortion to the title, as well as the white lines throughout the packaging, creates a connection between the illustration and the typeface. Fragmentation is a playful and loosely connected typology that is also utilised to represent ice cubes' clinking inside a glass.

"People have found comfort in staying at home, yet they still require social interactions. Stirology can bring this experience home" - Lucy Butler