Design Pool is a blog to showcase smart and excellent designs from both emerging and professional designers.

Transitions can be full of doubt. What can you expect when you finish your design studies and enter an industry that continuously reinvents its tools, procedures and way of working. While professional designers are always seeking new creative ways and forms to challenge the mainstream design approach, students and emerging designers are hungry to understand what distinguishes their design skills from the professional designer.

Design pool aims to engage with both sides of the creative spectrum. Its mission is to capture the progress of young talents and their new ideas while they expand their design skills. On the other side, its goal is to celebrate excellent design implementation, offer transparency on how contemporary design is addressing the challenges our world faces today. We are hunting for opportunities to showcase the power of design in action.

By Lachlan Golledge, Ralph Kenke, Caelli Brooker, Carl Morgan, Carrisa Elliot

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