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A Case Study that look's into the mind of Charlie Donald

7 months ago
Branding Assignment Second Year Typography DESN2011 Kinetic Type visual identity

Charlie Donald

Author & Interviewer

Rachael Downey

All You

Clothing is the essence of the world’s day-to-day life, with multiple styles and aesthetics for all kinds of people. The clothes in which we put on can display our personality, emotions and perspective. It can also make a statement on something great. However buying clothes can be difficult to find the correct ones for you. The brand All You is dedicated to easy personalisation and customisation for what the customer desires on their clothing.

Every piece is a collaboration between the designer and the customer” - Charlie Donald


All You is a plain and dependable brand that creates custom clothing designs for customers. The concept behind the brand is targeted at everyone, without a specified demographic allows for much more personalisation on the customer side. Collaborating between the designers and the customers lets them choose colours, fabrics, accessories and embroideries of all sorts to be added to the design.

This company is in need for a visual brand identity that reflects this, so that customers can understand the company at a glance. The designer Charlie Donald has taken upon this task creating the visual identity here.


Throughout Charlie’s design the typographic element is the main part that allows for the Visual Brand Identity to stand out and pop in its unique way. With its two layer transparency effect, the kinetic type allows for the word All as the denominator and the word You changes with each purchase and product which symbolises the customer itself. The use of this kinetic technique has allowed for the identity the brand envisioned of a modern and minimalistic design to come forth and evoke its true meaning.

Package Design Mock-up 1

Package Design Mock-up 2


The Visual Identity of this company allows for the design to be used on any and all products, packaging and branding. With its main aspects being a logo it creates multiple different patterns and ways to iterate the brands personality. Within the first package mock-up it can be displayed that the logo design has been repeated across the packaging creating a pattern, this shows simplistic and forward design solutions. Onto the second package design it approaches the opposite end of what was first shown. With its single logo on top, it makes a prominent statement of what that design is. As these design’s are both similar but different it can be seen as consistent in some ways. Once again with the logo being an iterative design two different packages will not be the same.

"I would love to see my design on anywhere relevant to the necessary branding like tags, posters, ad content" - Charlie Donald


Simplistic and modernist is how this design can be described as, with its main focus on the visual Identity. This design allows for complete customisation and inspiration from the idea and concept of the brand it represents. Charlie’s design uses engaging and funky typography to make it all pop and come together. The fluid and drawn typeface of You allows for two sides of a coin to be shown. Charlie explains that the word all is the common denominator, which symbolises the base in the brand identity. The changing format of the word you symbolises the customer and how the product will reflect each individual and personality.

All elements included create a simplistic, modern and trendy clothing brand. With its customer focused experience, this is the go-to branding for anything custom fashion related. The consistency and aesthetic allows for any and all to be approached by this concept. This design is recommended for all those looking for a unique experience and good quality product.