As humans, we must...

Kinetic type exploration.

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Assignment Typography Interview DESN2011 Kinetic Type

Lily Ramsay


Cecilia Lu

As humans, we must...


"At first, I was struggling to find inspiration, I couldn't really find anything that really clicked with me or something that I resonated with. This was until I was scrolling through the ADGA awards and found a series of works called "Twenty Six" by Pop & Pac. I loved the concept of connecting a design with each letter of the alphabet to assist those who struggle to read and write find a connection with each letter through art and design."

Designers never know when inspiration will strike. Inspiration motivates us to create new designs and to work hard to ensure they are in keeping with our vision. It assists with brainstorming, coming up with new ideas, and bringing those ideas to life.

We keep our creativity alive through inspiration. By being innovative, we are able to develop new ideas. Creativity produces ideas that are 'fresh', 'new', 'out of the box', even 'genius'. In order to find inspiration, Lily researches the works of others and combines her own ideas with them. Using this method is an effective way to gain more inspiration for her own designs and gain more inspiration from others.

Twenty Six
Twenty Six by Pop & Pac.

Design Process

"After gaining my inspiration, I did a lot of research into different political issues around the world that I was passionate about. I took the time to carefully research each one to make sure I knew what to base the design around as I wanted each issue to be represented purposefully and equally. I did many drafts and designs of what i thought might work and then when straight into creating the final pieces of work."

In the design process, you determine what needs to be done, then do it. You might solve a problem, achieve a goal, or create something along the way. Some creative professionals rely on inspiration and elusive inspiration to come up with their ideas. While inspiration can inspire you, sometimes it can unintentionally lead you in the wrong direction, so the best thing to do is keep trying until you find the right balance between your idea and solution.


"One of the things I struggled with the most was finding inspiration. For me, that is the thing that is crucial to getting me started on my design journey as I'm a very visual person. I also Struggled finding issues for a few of the letters, some being Q, W, V and Z. I finally found issues for these after doing even more extensive research and also asking opinions from the wider community."

We all feel awkward asking for help and advice from others, but this is an excellent way to broaden your perspectives when you are stuck. Lily mentioned she sought help from wider community rather than just locking herself in a room and struggling with her design work.

I think it is important to point out that even though we are designers, we always think we are the best, but sometimes to get out of your comfort zone and open your mind to others' opinions is a great way to make progress.

From Lily Ramsay

Kinetic Type

I couldn't really decide on one kinetic type to use, so I thought I would try and incorporate them all into my works as I had such a large variety of them. I found this also the best way to convey the political, global and human rights issues and I could match up the kinetic type to the specific issue that I was trying to convey.

I find it interesting that Lily couldn't decide at first which kinetic type she would use, rather than confirming the direction and locking the frame, she tried lots of different ones to match her concept.

When designing, adjusting the design type to fit your ideas is an important step, as almost nothing can be done at the first attempt. This concept has been used well by Lily in her design process.

From Lily Ramsay

For future

"I'm unsure of this yet, with my designs and even my design process, I can be very all over the place. Which can seem a bit strange seeing as though I love to be an organised person. So I think if the right project comes up or I think of a brilliant idea that would be illustrated perfectly though a specific kinetic type, I would definitely utilise it again."

Lily's exploration of kinetic type opened new horizons for her, although the process was not smooth and easy. She struggled to find inspiration while working on her designs. The open ending is perfect for this journey, as she will not be able to answer exactly whether or not she will use kinetic type in the future.

When the opportunities arise, that would be the ideal time to decide.

We never know what's gonna happen in the future, because we are the future.