Astral: Virtual Bar and Club

Case Study

7 months ago
Branding Assignment Typography DESN2011 Kinetic Type

Chloe Brock Fitzpatrick

Interviewer and Author

Katherine Brown

Astral: Virtual Bar and Club

Clubs, especially in the context of the metaverse and speculative design, represent more than mere entertainment venues. They symbolize a canvas where people can reinvent themselves, escape the constraints of their everyday lives, and immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and freedom.

"I was inspired by the idea of future/speculative design and the infinite possibilities of what we will be designing for moving into the future." - Chloe Brock Fitzpatrick.

The Brand:

‘Astral’ purposefully transcends the traditional confines of a nightclub. It is a luminous beacon in a future marked by dystopian realities, catering to working-class individuals aged 18-35 who yearn to escape their mundane lives. Astral promises a haven where patrons can shed their everyday identities and immerse themselves in a dreamlike realm. Here, the concept of escapism takes centre stage, offering a premium, laid-back atmosphere that contrasts with the typical high-energy nightclub scene.

The design series by Chloe Brock Fitzpatrick radiates an ethereal allure, capturing the essence of Astral's promise to patrons: a respite from reality, a space where identities are fluid, and where the celestial dance of light and shadow mirrors the whims of the metaverse. Each poster, ticket, and sticker become a portal, inviting individuals into a world where they can momentarily shed the burdens of everyday life and embrace the limitless freedom of the digital cosmos. Fitzpatrick's creative ingenuity transforms Astral's intent into a tangible and immersive experience, redefining the very notion of what a nightclub brand can be in the realms of speculative design and virtual escapism.

Brand and Identity Series/Range:

Chloe Brock Fitzpatrick's Astral brand identity design is a marvel of innovation, seamlessly blending inspiration, intention, and execution across multiple platforms. The posters showcase a dynamic fusion of kinetic typography and visual motifs, where the rippling splash effect and the stream of light, emanating from the star-shaped 'A,' disrupt the form of the typeface organically, creating an illusion of constant transformation and movement. This effect, carried onto the tickets, provides a consistent visual language, framing the morphed 'A' in a captivating close-up. The stickers, however, take the design to new heights with seven distinct galactic variations encased within circular frames. Each sticker tells a unique story, from different morphed 'A' interpretations to spinning globes and rotating rings, all encapsulating the essence of Astral's metaverse escape. Fitzpatrick's execution not only breathes life into the brand but also offers a cohesive and mesmerizing visual narrative, ensuring that Astral's identity resonates vibrantly across diverse mediums.

“I also think of a somewhat dystopian future where people are a little too reliant on technology and rely on it as a form of escapism.” - Fitzpatrick.


The typefaces, 'Paralucent' and 'Gelica,' convey a sense of fluidity and transcendence. By manipulating the 'Paralucent' font, Fitzpatrick injected character into the otherwise plain typeface, creating an aesthetic that feels simultaneously familiar and otherworldly. The signature 'A' and 'R,' captures a gravitational pull effect that reinforces the notion of being drawn into a new reality orchestrating an immersive experience, embodying the very spirit of escape and transformation that defines the heart of the Astral brand.

“...A place where they can have fun, be whoever they want to be and dance forever.” - Fitzpatrick.


Astral logo branding is a captivating fusion of cosmic visuals and dynamic typography. Set against a black backdrop, the palette of deep blues, mystical purples, and vibrant pinks, accented with contrasting white highlights, creates a mesmerizing interstellar atmosphere. The morphed 'A' and star motif, intertwined with kinetic typography, evoke constant motion, embodying Astral's theme of escape and transformation within the metaverse. Fitzpatrick's meticulous integration of colour, typography, and graphics ensures a cohesive and striking visual identity, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

In Chloe Brock Fitzpatrick's visionary design for Astral, the interplay of kinetic typography, cosmic visuals, and a carefully curated colour palette creates a transcendent brand identity, immersing viewers in a metaverse experience that is both captivating and timeless.