Cajole Killer x LAATE

A cheeky little collab between Cajole Killer Apparel and LAATE Store

3 years ago
Branding Third Year Grad Show Big Kids 2020 Self-initiated Project Photography
Photo, Video, Designer, Post-Production, UX

Cajole Killer x LAATE

This project is a showcase of the advertising and promotional material that would be used if this collab went ahead in the real world.

Peep some posters, mock-ups of photography in-situ of the LAATE Store itself, and a skate video that shouts out to the target community.

Cajole Killer is a skate and lifestyle clothing line supports amateur and female skaters. It is the creation of Alice Kjoller (that's me!) who is also an amateur and female skater. The branding is fun, exciting, and accepting, and follows a red/black/white simple colour scheme.

These last two are a UX Design Flow to show how the Cajole Killer collaboration would fit into the existing LAATE Store website.