Design Mock-ups

Useful links for mock-ups to present your designs

2 years ago
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Ralph Kenke

Design Mock-ups

Students as well as studios value well designed mock-ups for presentations.
It is handy to have a few links for mock-ups available when you busy putting your pitch deck together.

Generally, mock-ups are not as great as a photograph of the actual design project. But taking a photograph is sometimes not an option due to time constraints and other factors such as access to equipment or production schedules. Showing mock-ups for your design project however can help you communicate the ideas and showcase the deliverables in a realistic context. It will also spare you the financial cost of creating a physical mock-up and the time photography and retouch the project.

Here are some free mock-ups, such as and that will make your life easier.

If you seeking for some special locations and unusual mock-ups you can find them on The templates are an expensive resource, however its worth in certain circumstances to spent that extra money to convince your audience about a great design project.