Case Study

1 year ago
Branding Assignment DESN2011

Lori Stretton


Alex Seferovic


The Brand

Dynamic Gym is a new-age gym with a focus on inclusivity, safety, and development. The gym utilises a simple, clean graphic identity and colour palette. This gives Dynamic a modern look and feel which really emphasises the message to the audience that it is a progressive gym with current values. Growth, change, progress, and development are the underlying core principles which then also implies that the traditional values of gyms and fitness centers no longer apply in this progressive space. They are being slashed and a new way of engaging in exercise and fitness is emerging.

Brand Identity

The identity of Dynamic sets it apart from all the competition in a market that is quite tough to crack. As previously said the gym utilises a simple, clean graphic identity that works to its benefit. This is a style that isn’t utilised often within the fitness industry. This works to its advantage as its designer Lori Stretton designed a modern gym with modern values that appeals to the target audience, everyone, as it emphasises results within a safe space. This simplistic and modern look to the graphics conveys a friendly and inclusive feeling that would be appealing to all from the everyday gym junkies to a first timer. The colour palette of the brand being black, grey, and orange is simple and straight to the point. The branding is both bold to capture attention and emphasise inclusivity.


Dynamic takes its minimalistic, modern and sleek design choices across its packaging used on branded items. The branding on the water bottle and the gym card offers the patron a more luxurious feel that is not commonly offered by other gyms on the market. The gym card comes in two styles that feature the main logo of the brand. One being a very sleek black with the ‘sliced’ white text logo across the centre. The other being a black card with a repeating logo in a shiny black print rather than the matte finish of the backing. These two styles enable the customer to choose a card that they feel represents them.


A design element that is both the packaging and the brand logo itself is the typography. Dynamic is bold, clear and impactful, it is the first thing you will see. The type itself, however simple is altered using kinetic type elements to really stand out and shine through. By using a simple typeface and adding a ‘cut and crop’ kinetic type method the logo feels like its moving. This suits a gym brand as it is representational of the movements that occur within the space. The text being interchangeable with the colour palette also ensures that many different approaches could be taken with different design choices in order to customise various products.

Target Audience

The target audience for this product is everybody. In the past gyms have not felt like a safe space for everybody, or a place where anyone could go as a beginner. As previously stated in the brand identity of this gym, Dynamic has a design and identity that could be utilised by gym goers whether they are everyday users, or they are stepping into the gym for the first time. Its purpose and identity is all about out with the old and in with the new current values and inclusivity of society. The fact that this is safe space for everyone to use will definitely add to the appeal of a gym like this.