Emily Sneddon shares the inside scoop on one of the world's most creative agencies

UoN Visual Communication Design Alumni at COLLINS San Francisco

1 year ago
Original Interview by Rosie Hilder

Emily Sneddon shares the inside scoop on one of the world's most creative agencies

Get ready to dive into the world of design with the fabulous Emily Sneddon, the design guru from COLLINS, a top-notch design agency. Emily, who graduated in 2015 as a Visual Communication Design student at the University of Newcastle shares her insights and experiences at the agency in an interview with COLLINS is known for its exceptional design work and received three Brand Impact Awards in 2022.

Emily describes a typical day at COLLINS, where she is greeted with inspiring music upon entering the San Francisco office. She highlights the collaborative and imaginative atmosphere, emphasizing the brilliance and creativity of her colleagues. One project that stands out for Emily is Freeform, a TV platform supporting underrepresented voices, for which COLLINS created a visual identity system reflecting its dynamic nature.

In Australia, Emily designed for clients such as Optus while working at RE Sydney. She was a Finalist for the AGDA Emerging Designer Award of the Year in 2019.

When approaching projects, Emily and her team focused on avoiding the current design trends, exploring questions about the target audience and pushing the boundaries of identity design for TV. She also mentions a challenging moment when she had to design a fully responsive site for Figma using Figma, highlighting the importance of embracing challenges and learning along the way. Emily encourages being both interested and interesting, showing enthusiasm, and sharing unique perspectives.

COLLINS and Emily show us that with passion and determination, you can conquer any design challenge that comes your way.

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