Fragment Magazine


1 year ago
Assignment Typography Print DESN2011 Kinetic Type

Connor Harrigan


Olivia Halliwell

Fragment Magazine

Magazines are becoming more popular and common, bring the physicality of print media back into people’s lives. The unique design and individuality print offers, provides a physical artistry, incorporating elements of art, design and publication into one. Fragment Magazine encapsulates the angst of the punk world, making it easier for people to bring music to the forefront of their lives.

"My project was largely influenced the attitude that the punk genre displays.”


Fragment Magazine summons the angst of the past back into the future, bringing individuality into the forefront of the design. Through the contemporary approach, avoiding collage-based workflow, Fragment Magazine blends itself with its name through its piercing cut and crop design.

The creator Connor Harrigan has achieved an eye catching and bold magazine through his work. With his personal interest in music becoming the foundations of his ideas, gravitating towards print media, formulating originality and a breakthrough from traditional print.

“My favourite part of this project is my designs for the spreads.”


Fragment Magazine is aimed at teenagers and individuals in their 20’s, holding an appreciation for punk rock. Inspired by the contemporary likes of music and culture. The design reflects the innovative nature of the magazine, also lending itself to iconic talents, making it easier for customers to identify the product.

The free style and loosely column-based text and images, allows for both aspects to have character, solidified through the stand apart red quotes. Emulating the punk scene and its torment, the colour palette of red, black and white showcase the engulfed lifestyle of the magazine, highlighted through the rough texture overlay.

Fragment Magazine

Fragment Magazine

Fragment Magazine

Fragment Magazine

Multiple pages endorsing individuality and talent, ripple the layout of the magazine throughout the print, enforcing a strong viewing and identity.

The designs are bold and defying. Each page representing a unique artist or topic, while incorporating the same colours of deep red, emphasising the quotations. Maintaining the same colours throughout the magazine, creates a cohesive and easily identifiable design by customers.

“I wanted to create a rough aesthetic that displayed the angst that that encapsulates.”


Another impressive element of the print design is the typography, commonly used to introduce the design of the product. Fragment Magazine uses cut and crop treatment to create a bold and shattered statement. Introducing the print on the front and back cover. It’s the first thing people’s eyes catch.

Kinetic typography elements cast an aesthetic grunge over the design.

By utilizing the typefaces Social Gothic Rough and Chainprinter Regular, distorting the font, Social Gothic Rough it in the kinetic typography treatment, creating a cut and crop effect. This endorses the angst design of the magazine print. Appealing to customers interested in the punk scene.

“I enjoyed experimenting with the type and image layouts and believe I created something unique.”


A strong element of the design is the relationship between the typography and visual images of the print. Using the type Chainprinter Regular for the body, this creates a print effect, rather than a commercial design of typical modern magazines. Pairing the logo and visual elements.

Blending a unique perspective into a conceptual print, making Fragment Magazine successful in its approach.

“…largely influenced by the lack of whitespace that is usually used in punk design.”

Fragment Magazine is the obvious choice for print and punk lovers alike. The aesthetic makes this magazine appealing to many people, through its individuality. So, pick up Fragment Magazine and have a read, you won’t be disappointed!