Case Study

9 months ago
Branding Assignment Typography Kinetic Type

Dominic Graham


Yuka Hirota


Fashion is not just a choice of clothing but a way of expressing one's identity. People wear different styles of clothing to express themselves, but this is not limited to the person who wears the clothes. Designers also make clothes to tell "who they are" and show the world their "style" as a unique person.

“I’m very passionate about blending modern aesthetics with design principles and love creating that resonate with what I would like to see” – Dominic Graham


GILIEZ is a clothing and magazine company founded by up-and-coming designer Dominic Graham, whose designs reflect innovation and creativity and bring fresh air to the fashion industry. Blending modern aesthetics with design principles, GILIEZ's clothes are contemporary yet energetic and highly sought after, especially by design industry professionals.
GILIEZ is strongly influenced by designer Dominic Graham's design style and vision, making the brand mainly speak to those looking for artistic and experimental design work.
She drew a lot of inspiration from Behance when launching the brand but also took ideas from the dynamic of the modern urban environment.

GILIEZ has indulged into clothes for space travel to Mars, and the fashions featured in the company's magazine are stylish and sophisticated, experimental and innovative concepts that are a good representation of the GILIEZ brand.

Designer Dominic stated in interviews that she loves to create designs that resonate with what she wants to see and experience. GILIEZ is a successful example of her ideal.

“The typography I chose for my concept studio’s branding and design work is a reflection of innovation and creativity” – Dominic Graham


One of the main characteristics of GILIEZ is the unique use of kinetic typography - Dominic wanted to create something that could reflect innovation and creativity and went through a process of trial and error to create a typography and logo that would represent the brand.
The first design proposal from the GILIEZ concept studio was different from the final proposal. Initially, Dominic had chosen mainly round-looking fonts, which were clearly recognisable compared to the final design, and the logo was also designed in the direction of a circle with letters around it. However, the final proposal used two cleanly shaped fonts for the original title piece and a simple sans-serif font for the statement logo. The two different fonts created a strong visual identity, and the bold, eye-catching visuals grabbed people's attention when they encountered her work at train stations and other platforms.

Various kinetic typography is also used in the conceptual design, with Repeating text, overlapping text and Distorted type enabling a more engaging design quality.


GILIEZ uses modern, individual and sophisticated design in the magazines it publishes. By publishing its fashion magazines without outsourcing to other publishers, GILIEZ creates a unity between the design of the clothes and the magazine, giving it a distinct presence that sets it apart from other fashion magazines. Space travel used to seem very far away, but nowadays, it is very close to the future for the general public. Many people think of heavy space suits with all sorts of conventional equipment, like those worn by astronauts. However, GILIEZ offers stylish and elegant space travel clothing, from sleek, streamlined space suits to gravity-defying dresses with sparkling stardust-studded patterns, and is sure to redefine conventional thinking as a revolutionary force in the space fashion industry.

The original and totally new GILIEZ fashion will take you to new and unknown places. You there, who want to take off from the boring and mundane world to a new world that no one has seen before, why not start that experience with fashion as a first step?