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2 years ago
Branding Third Year Grad Show Portfolio Web Design UI / UX Big Kids 2020 Self-initiated Project DESN3910

Katie Cox

Happy Traveller

Katie is a Newcastle-based designer with a love for saltwater, sunshine and good picnic spots. She loves people and designing with and for people is what really excites her!

"I love designing stuff that’s strong in it’s communication game, beautiful in design and people focused. I'm stoked I get to call design - work!"

Happy Traveller is an Australian cosmetic product company, priding themselves in being Australian owned & made on the sunny coast of NSW, Australia. Happy Traveller products are all natural, authentically Australian and fun in design whilst being free of all nasties. The brand's identity is grounded on these principles represented by the iconic colours of the Australian landscape, the rich red dirt, eucalyptus and sunny coastline. This strong brand presence is carried through in Happy Traveller's cohesive product packaging design and simple website design.

Take a look at the entire Happy Traveller lookbook here -

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