A collaborative poetry x illustration book

3 years ago
Exhibition Grad Show Big Kids 2020 Self-initiated Project Print


Hi! I'm Ella. I'm obsessed with fun, quirky illustration and can always be found drawing or creating something. I try to not take myself too seriously, a trait that can be seen all throughout my work, whether that be branding, illustration, photography, or animation. I love the way design can positively impact people and the environment which is something I aim to do throughout all my work.

Illuminate is collaborative illustrated book created by myself and Armidale based writer, Katherine Frazier. Each illustration is accompanied by a short poem written by Katherine, bringing her words to life. Using a restricted palette of only two colours, and the deliberate use of negative space on each page, the poems are not overpowered by the illustrations, rather they are illuminated.

View the online book here.