Night To Noon

Festival wear for the free spirited - Branding Project!

2 years ago
Branding Third Year Grad Show Big Kids 2020 Self-initiated Project DESN3910
Graphic Designer


Night To Noon

How many times have you found yourself at a festival, caught out in the cold because your fabulous outfit didn’t have a warmer option?

Designed to be free-flowing and OSFA, our jackets and capes to meet the standards in festival fashion as well as be a sustainable and an alternative lightweight option to the plastic poncho.

Because how bloody wasteful is a plastic poncho when the night gets cold!

That’s where ‘Night To Noon’ come in! Festival wear that is fun and flexible, as you dance the night away and look fabulous doing so!

This has been a passion project of the designers' for quite some time and contemplating her final university project, she needed some light in the darkness of 2020. Abbie designed 4 bespoke jackets and complete branding assets for this brand to launch her professional career as a designer.