Paws n' Peeps

Case Study

8 months ago
Web Design DESN2011 Kinetic Type

Kaitlyn Groves


Bernice Kwok

Paws n' Peeps

Concept Idea

In our modern day society, our furry friends have become an important part of our lives. Paws n' Peeps is an ethical dog treat brand that focuses not only on where food comes from but also on the environmental impact of individual businesses.

The website it targeted towards dog owners who value their pet's health and are environmentally conscious. The website acts as an informative page and also a shopping site where users can purchase products online.

Kinetic Typography

Kaitlyn incorporated kinetic type to imitate the movement of a dog wagging its tail. She also made use of different shades on the text to create an illusion of fast movement.

While the kinetic typography provides movement, the san serif font creates a sense of professionalism, giving the whole brand a more modernised look.

The kinetic type was used to divide sections, clearly indicating to the user the different sections of the website and their functions. This provides the website a structure while keeping the fun and playful aesthetic that is shown through the motion of the text and colours.

I did want to try communicating a fun yet modern take to the dog treat industry.

-Kaitlyn Groves

Interface Design

With the web design, Kaitlyn decided to incorporate photographs which helps the user relate to their own pets. She also included images that resonated with the services and products which allow the user to have a better knowledge of the brand and what it is all about.

User Interface

Wanting to communicate a fun yet modern take to the industry, Kaitlyn chose a more toned down colour palette to match the photographs of the dogs. The decision on the colour palette allows the website to have a balance between colours, making sure the website is not oversaturated. During the design process, the user experience was thought through, which makes the website a lot more user friendly and appealing to the eye.

All the elements that Kaitlyn combined on the website, create a professional, friendly and inviting brand. In this way, it provides the audience the best shopping experience but also a great way to present the brand.