Realm of the Fae

An Illustrated card deck inspired by Fae Mythology

3 years ago
Third Year Grad Show Big Kids 2020 Self-initiated Project Illustration
Illustration, Branding, Package Design

Ashley Delaney

Realm of the Fae

A set of 52 poker playing cards with the face cards inspired by fae folklore and creatures. The 4 suits are based around the courts of the Seelie, Sea Folk, Wild Fae and Unseelie with various types of fae represented in the king and queen cards with the jacks being reserved for humans affected by each type of fae.

These cards were made in conjunction with an art book describing the lore and inspirations behind each card and presented for the University of Newcastle 2020 Gradshow. This self directed project was an opportunity to showcase my drawing ability and character design skills as well as design a physical product.


King, Queen and Jack cards as well as icon designs created in Procreate and finishing touches done in InDesign and Photoshop. The final prototype cards were printed with MPC and the sticker box labels were printed with Stickaroo Printing.