Spacey Jane Case Study

Ticket and Poster Designs

1 year ago
Assignment Typography Interview DESN2011 Kinetic Type

Natasha (Micah) Djordjevic


Josie Grieg

Spacey Jane Case Study

Spacey Jane, an indie rock band hailing from Perth, is the target of Josie Greig's design inspiration. Creating several different ticket designs and a poster tie-in, Grieg has used kinetic typography to portray the movement of sound and music.

"Distortion and vibration are highly linked within music, and therefore it was a key element and concept to capture in my work."

Griegs designs are for those who enjoy attending gigs, and fans of the music artists in the designs. Creating multiple different designs for the tickets was a purposeful move, and creates an incentive to collects all the different designs. The tickets display how different type treatments can integrated and still harmonize with eachother.