Spinning Trash

Environmental friendly product design

7 months ago
Branding Typography DESN2011 Kinetic Type

MacKenna Carroll

Spinning Trash

Spinning trash is a future focused company that repurposes plastic found on our beaches to create recycled disco balls.’

However this brand is more than just a product, it's a brand that raises awareness around our plastic pollution as it's reported that plastic makes up to 84% of rubbish found on Australian beaches. Causing devastating effects on our environment. Therefore, ‘Spinning trash’ has decided to take this rubbish and repurpose it into disco balls in the aim to minimize plastic waste in Australia through repurposing plastic and also encouraging others to think of creative and sustainable ways to reuse plastic in order to save our beaches.

Importance of this brand to the designer herself (The designer herself states that):

' Encouraging a sustainable future is something I am very passionate about, I try to support small brands and businesses who promote this whenever possible.’


The disco ball will be sold in cardboard

boxes that have the kinetic type displayed on it as well as illustrations. The packaging was inspired by the brand ‘who gives a crap’ toilet paper as the designer really loves the external packaging of this brand. Additionally, she was influenced by the shape of the disco ball and really wanted to include the sphere within the packaging. However, she decided this wasn't necessary as she felt the shape was better used through the use of kinetic type as words were distorted around the logo instead.


Typography is evidently the main asset used for branding ‘spinning trash’ and therefore the designers aim was to ‘use kinetic typography to amplify the message’. The particular kinetic typography that has been used is distortion. This typography works hand in hand with the brand's product (disco ball) as it represents a fun and quirky aesthetic that is often associated with a disco ball. Additionally, the designer has wrapped the type around her graphic elements that have been arranged in a round ball that represent the disco balls. However, I believe it represents the shape of the earth as well which once again reinforces the message that is aimed to be amplified through this design. That being we need to protect our earth's beaches from the enormous amount of plastic pollution humans are abandoning on our beaches.

The designers process and reflection on her work

The designer's intention when creating this brand from the very beginning was to develop a design that communicates a product and message without the viewers actually seeing it. The designer believes that this is relatively realistic to achieve as a disco ball is a well known object and therefore viewers will be easily able to identify it. Furthermore, It was extremely important for her to create more than just a branding for a product but a whole movement through the message her brand can spread and reinforce to consumers.

On reflection the designer feels as if this project allowed her to fully understand the power of kinetic typography and how it can be used to enhance a design or product. Therefore, she believes her personal design style has been strengthened throughout this process as she has learnt new techniques and skills that can be used in future projects.

The designers successful use of keltic typography when Branding her sustainable disco balls will inevitably entice consumers into buying her product as her branding successfully reinforced her entire brand ethos of sustainability. Additionally the illustrations that have been arranged into the shape of the earth and the disco ball itself once again reinforces both the message of the brand and the product itself which is exactly what the designer intended.