Split Studio

Design Case Study

1 year ago
Branding Third Year Typography DESN2011 Kinetic Type visual identity

Katelyn Murdoch


Same Orme

Split Studio


Split Studio was conceptualised by designer and architecture student Sam Ormes. It is a Sydney-based multidisciplinary architecture practice, that cares about improving the lives of the individual and the collective, through creating inviting environments and improving the everyday life of people.

"Our focus is on sustainable design and approaching each project with a unique perspective to create one-of-a-kind pieces of architecture."


Durbach Block Jaggers is a multi-million dollar architecture firm based in Australia. This project “Split Studio” was heavily inspired by their Pheonix project, a performance and art space in Chippendale Sydney. The brutalist and industrial style juxtaposed with modern and organic elements creates a sticking and memorable aesthetic. This combination was utilised by designer and architecture student Sam Ormes.

The logo for Split Studio has been incorporated into the structure of the building, rather than competing with the building’s design. This approach creates harmony between the architecture and the logo design. This methodology was used by Durbach Block Jaggers “Phoenix” project.

It is clear that Sam has thoroughly thought about the design choices for this project and appropriately used Durbach Block Jaggers as a base of influence for this design.

“The main inspiration for the project was “DBJ” and specifically their “Phoenix” project and their approach and use of typography in Architecture and Signage.” - Sam Ormes


“The name of the project came from experimenting with ways to create little signatures on documents with different shapes. One of the shapes creates an “S” when they are put together. This led to the name Split Studio” - Sam Ormes