The Future Is

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2 years ago
Typography Print Campaign Illustration 2021 DESN2011 Kinetic Type
Designer - Willow Taylor


Author - Ella Thomas


The Future Is

Willow Taylor is an illustration-based designer situated in Newcastle, Australia. Her unique use of colour, line work, and psychedelic themes contribute to communicating the meaning within her design pieces. As a creatively inspired individual, Taylor has found an effective creative outlet in the design world where she can put what words can’t convey into a visual space.

"This is a poster campaign to communicate the current climate crisis and the urgency of change. These posters are to visually engage people into thinking about our planet and what our future might look like."

Taylor’s latest project is large scale poster campaign entitled, The Future Is. Passionate about the environment and the climate crisis, Taylor is motivated to use her ability as a way to educate others and create change within the field. She believes that effective design work plays a huge part in drawing in a larger audience to respond to this issue, using eye-catching imagery to encourage action.

The message presenting in the posters of The Future Is, is simple yet effective. Taylor made design decisions in line with this message. A monochromatic palette was selected to allow meaning to shine through without distraction, as well as being more environmentally friendly and cheaper to print. She plans for money saved by this choice to be added to the funds for climate action. Three differing, sophisticated typefaces can be identified in each poster. They complement each other enough to create a strong theme running through the series, while simultaneously standing as powerful individual works. Manipulation of the words has created effective kinetic type, supplying imagery within the phrases to further express the climate action message.

"...a monochromatic pallet allows for the meaning to come through rather than just the aesthetics."

Choosing to display these posters in the busy city area of Sydney was a conscious choice by Taylor, envisioning that the movement around them will lead to wider attention and traction. Taylor can envision these posters displayed around the world, and developing further iterations though events, logos, and company identities. She plans to continue using her work as a voice for the climate crisis, promoting the urgency for change.