The Honey Scoop

1 year ago
Branding Assignment Second Year Typography DESN2011 Kinetic Type

INterviewer & Author

Makayla Dittion

lucy butler

The Honey Scoop

Interactions and communication between people are fostered within places that have the purpose of bringing people together. Cafe’s provide a space in which the sense of community can evolve and strengthen. To become a place where people congregate, a brand identity is essential as it informs the experience of the place. The Honey Scoop does just this as Makayla uses her brand identity as ‘almost sort of like an allusion to sweet news or friendly chatter’. The meaning which the brand of this cafe was built upon the aim to capture a ‘family-like community’. In the context of Australian society, coffee shops have endless benefits, ‘they provide jobs, support other local businesses and create a more diverse local economy’. Thus to foster an idea of friendly chatter and conversing through the sweetness of honey it emulates a positive environment.

“I believe that not many cafes and restaurants offer a welcoming community driven environment so I wanted to capture and portray an authentic family-like community café”

The Brand

This design was specifically intended for the branding industry, its simplistic design is highly recognisable and unique. Branding requires a design which is memorable and noticeable, The Honey Scoop achieves this through its distinctive typography and design. Makayla has used a yellow gradient colouring which creates a bright and welcoming feel which then informs the atmosphere of the café itself. This brand also offers merchandise, which gives the individual an opportunity to enjoy a sense of belonging and a connection to the people who also visit the café. The minimalistic illustrations which accompany the typography add a level of individuality to the brand, setting it apart from other cafes and coffee brands. The unique and welcoming nature of this branding sets a precedent for the way this café is experienced.

The Iterative Design Process

Makayla’s process to perfecting her vision of this design began with “experimenting with numerous different typographies and illustrative combinations”, it involved the consideration of the elements of the typography and the connectedness and fragmentation. Furthermore, the illustrative depictions within the typography. Makayla’s design ‘emulates the motion of scooping honey’ this is symbolised through the connection and distortion of typography which connects the ‘T’ in the to the ‘H’ in honey and the ‘N’ in honey to the ‘C’ in scoop. This illustrative element could have better depicted the scooping motion of honey if a honey dipper was used which resonates closer with the idea. With further iterations this could be applied to the typography to better typographically illustrate the meaning behind The Honey Scoop.

Target Audience

The branding for The Honey Scoop is targeted to locals within the community encouraging friendly chatter and sweet interactions. Australian society has a huge coffee culture that is forever expanding, therefore to stand out and appeal to an audience it requires a first impression which is intriguing and welcoming. The Honey Scoop has the ability to attract any audience no matter the age. Younger people would be more likely to respond to the bright colours and the playfulness of the logo and find interest. Whereas the play on words and further depiction through illustrative features may present more appealing to a slightly mature audience. However, it aims to target all ages which then forms the family like connection between the visitors which heightens the sense of community.