The Stamp Co

The reinvention of the traditional wax stamp seal in a new, fun and exciting way

2 years ago
Emily Barclay - designer

DESN 2011

Logan Cotter

DESN 2011

The Stamp Co

Visual communication Design -

Case study

Rewind history to some of the earliest civilisations wax seal stamps have played a part in our history. From bishops to monarchs and other significant figures all using wax to seal their important documents as proof that they weren’t opened or tampered with.

Fast forward to today The Stamp co has reinvented the traditional wax seals with a ‘modern and funky’ twist. It provides a simple yet effective design with a bright and vibrant colour palette. It’s fun, eye catching and brings back the nostalgia of the old wax seal stamp.

Our product

Stamp co is a brand targeted at the younger generation. The kit comes with 5 pieces of equipment a wax seal stamp, wax melt burner, a melting spoon, wax beads, and a candle. To allow customers to be able create their own beautiful wax seals and add their own personal touch to any envelope, gift, or invitation. Our passion is to provide stunning wax stamps to continue this old tradition in a new and exciting way. The aim when creating this product was to modernise the idea of wax stamps and shed light on a new style, to appeal to people who think the technique is outdated. Some of the choices made to meet these needs were the choice of modern kinetic typography, an exciting colour pallet as well as fun yet simple illustrations.

The treatment

At Stamp co we were inspired by the actual product itself. The packaging has been solely designed with the product in mind and reflects the joy that they younger generation will have when using the product. The logo for this brand consists of the main word ‘stamp’ written in the typeface Ohno Blazeface it gives the logo a fluid, drooping like effect to represent the idea of melting wax. However, the blurb and instructions on the back are written in an Optima typeface to keep it simple and easy to read. The concept of the melting wax is also carried throughout the packaging in 5 different vibrant colours. By continuing the melting wax theme on the packaging, it further highlights to the customer what the product is all about in a fun and clever way. Further by having a particular colour, contrast to a hard white background really makes the illustrations and logo pop. By having the range of bright colours, it effectively draws the customer in and appeals to the target audience. I feel the design communicates exactly what the product is all about.

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