Case Study

1 year ago
Assignment Second Year Typography Blog

Hannah Attard


Vinyl records are seen to be for the ages but for artist ASTN creating a single such as 'Butterflies' is a song that will stand the test of time. Jaime Burns, the designer has created with thought and feeling which is exactly what listeners want to see.

"The effect and the colours used throughout the design were heavily influenced by the feel of ATSN’s music and the genre of R&B." — Jaime Burns.


The use of kinetic typography is noticeable with the butterfly illustrations that produce the illusion that the title text is dissolving away. Jaime created the designs in Adobe Illustrator using five different butterfly illustrations.

The typeface 'Piepie' is used for the artist, ASTN. This particular typeface works well to create a bold distinction for listeners to visually see the artists name displayed over the cover of the vinyl. As opposed to a softer typeface, this creates a strong feeling of distinction that works well for addressing the artists name in a appealing way.

"I wanted the overall feel of this design to reflect the vibe of the R&B genre." — Jaime Burns.


To set the vibe of the overall design Jaime used a mixture of blue and purple for the design cover, with the relaxing motif of butterflies this creates the feeling of calmness that is felt through the song 'Butterflies'.

A strong element of design is used between the kinetic typography and the butterfly illustrations. Connecting design with motive and feeling to allow viewers to relate to the design choices that have been made creates a sense of strong purpose and is a great way to attract customers to purchase the vinyl.
Between the kinetic typography, the illustrations and the colours of the vinyl cover it ties together an uplifting feeling, which is exactly how the single 'Butterflies' makes you feel when it's playing in your ears. For Jaime to be able to portray emotions through these design choices is an excellent way of designing with passion.