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Revitalizing the 'We Mean Well' Podcast Branding with Kinetic Typography

9 months ago
Branding Assignment DESN2011 Kinetic Type

Eryn Norris


Teji Pastor

We Mean Well

The core concept behind my design was to give “We Mean Well” a little more life to the branding. Through using kinetic typography, I wanted to create a little bit of disjointed movement, as it represents what the podcast is all about. They have no linear structure, which is why I believe kinetic typography was a good choice for the rebranding. - Eryn Norris

Embracing the Essence of "We Mean Well"

At the heart of this redesign lay the ambition to infuse vitality into the "We Mean Well" brand while faithfully representing the essence of the podcast - a non-linear and free-flowing structure. The chosen design element was kinetic typography, celebrated for its ability to convey disjointed movement, a quality that artfully mirrors the podcast's content structure. In an industry largely characterized by linear narratives, "We Mean Well" stands apart for its unique format, making kinetic typography a natural choice for capturing its distinctive essence.

Customization with a Purpose

Eryn Norris meticulously customized the typeface to emulate a staircase-like movement. This design choice served the dual purpose of preserving the brand's recognizable elements while introducing a dynamic dimension.

Appealing to a Diverse Audience

Understanding the intricacies of the target audience is paramount in any branding endeavor. "We Mean Well" caters to a wide demographic spanning from 18 to 40 years of age. Consequently, typographic choices needed to strike a delicate balance between simplicity and captivation. The objective was to create a design that was effortlessly legible yet inherently alluring to engage this multifaceted audience. The strategic utilization of kinetic typography effectively achieved this equilibrium, offering a visually stimulating experience without overwhelming the intended audience.

I customised the typeface to look like a staircase sort of movement to align with the free-flowing nature of the podcast. The rationale behind my font choice was to go with a bold font that could handle the movement created with it, but I always wanted to keep a little bit of the originality of their current branding logo.


Breaking Free from Conventions

One of the notable facets of this redesign is its deliberate departure from specific design industry conventions or trends. Unlike conventional business branding, podcast branding defies easy categorization within industry parameters. Each podcast, including "We Mean Well," constitutes a unique entity, mirroring the distinctiveness of its content and identity. Consequently, the redesign project remained unshackled from industry-specific norms, drawing its inspiration from the exclusive content of the podcast.

A Smooth Design Journey

I of course did go through a process of discovering what kinetic typography options I liked and which ones I didn’t think would go with the brand. Nothing out of the typical design process that I think should be brought up as an issue anyway. These tasks are always difficult as you are the only one to decide if you like it or not, having the feedback of a real client will always help determine the best path to take and where more issues will arise.

Throughout the design process, Norris encountered no significant challenges. While challenges are a natural part of the creative design process, they often hinge on subjective preferences. Nevertheless, the absence of substantial obstacles underscored the team's proficiency and adaptability.

The redesign of the "We Mean Well" podcast branding has effectively breathed new life into the brand, encapsulating the essence of the podcast's non-linear and free-flowing nature. Kinetic typography, with its dynamic characteristics, has proven to be the perfect design element for this purpose. The typographic customization, consideration of the diverse target audience, and the departure from industry-specific conventions have all contributed to a unique and engaging brand identity. While the design process presented its challenges, the absence of significant issues underscores the team's expertise in crafting a brand identity that resonates authentically with the core attributes of "We Mean Well."

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