Welcome to Noodcastle

Your one stop Noody Shop presented by Noods Creatives

3 years ago
Third Year Grad Show Big Kids 2020 Self-initiated Project
Illustration, Animation, Web design, Branding

Noodcastle - home of the Noods works as both an online portfolio and shop for my illustrative brand, Noods Creative.

The 'Noody Shop' is my third year project for Visual Communication Design and an extension of Noods Creative.

Since beginning the brand in 2017 the Noods have transitioned from digital works to tangible, novelty items and giftwares. As the Noods begin to gauge more traction online and through market sales, it seems the next logical step is to create an online platform in which to make the Noods Creative merchandise more accessible and on demand. So, I introduce to you, your one stop Noody Shop!