What Will The Future Look Like?

Case Study

6 months ago
Branding Assignment Typography DESN2011 Kinetic Type

Rachael Downey

Interviewer And Author

Kaitlyn Groves

What Will The Future Look Like?

'What will the future look like?'. That's the big question asked and explored throughout Rachael Downey's latest piece of work. Is AI taking over? How will it affect current and future creatives? These are all things Rachael has brought to attention with their designs.

“It's been a main focus throughout my time as a designer due to its influence on us creatives.” - Rachael


The use of AI and its uprisings and downfalls have been incredibly prevalent throughout recent media; and with it has come an abundance of questions. Rachael Downey chose to pursue the route of an AI inspired design as they felt it was a genuine interest of theirs. They also felt to them as a designer that they wanted to put focus on designers needing to be on top of change within the industry.

“As a designer it means alot to understand the changes that are occurring and how everyone should perceive the future industries.” - Rachael

The Designer also drew their inspirations, not only from their general interest in the topic, but from designs from ‘The Matrix’ also. Rachael stated that The Matrix had a major influence on the colour and overall typography for the numbers within their design.

Tote bag Mock up Variation 1

Tote bag Mock up Variation 1


The designer strived to not only make a statement with their design work, but to also put forward a strong message, something that makes people do a double take and to be something that starts conversations. With everything incorporated in the design from the use of colour, type and formatting, questions are able to be asked.

“I wish to create the type of impact where people really question what their future may really be. To allow this design to get on a personal level with the audience and viewers.” - Rachael

We’ve all seen AI generated illustrations or design work, but how do people perceive criticism of the up and coming future method? What reaction does this design intend to create, and why? How does the design speak to its viewers and what message is conveyed? Lucky for us, Rachael has the answer.

“I feel a lot of people would question what the relation to the design the topic actually has initially, but by looking further upon at the words within the design the audience should feel a sense of realisation of the pathway that the world is heading” - Rachael

Kinetic Type

Rachael utilised Kinetic Type in an extremely obvious yet not overbearing way. It has been used in a way that suits the theme of the design and the visual aesthetic of it in an incredibly smart way. The use of fragmentation fits heavily into the ‘AI design trope’ making the design easily distinguishable between a regular piece of text and perhaps one that has been touched by AI. It feels very human and technical at the same time which enhances the overall feeling of these designs.

“It allowed for the grey line between human and AI to be further distinguished with each word becoming harder to read and understand.” - Rachael

The overall use of illustration, the linear qualities of the design and the incredible use of kinetic typography all band together to drive home the designer's hard hitting question. The design makes you think about yourself, others, the industry and all the possibilities that AI could both possess and repossess. How does the up and coming overlord that is AI affect you?

What will your future look like?